When I get new followers, usually I like to check out their blog - if anything, just to figure out what it is that we have in common that made them hit the ‘follow’ button.

So I got a few new followers in the last couple of days, and I go and check out ericboydblog. I’d never heard of Eric Boyd before now, but i’ve been scrolling through his blog for the better part of an hour now and I am in love with his six word poems and his prose and just…aahhh!

I’m on the verge of hyperventilating because I can’t figure out why he’s following me…he’s so amazing. 

So to my other followers - You need to check out ericboydblog. Oh what’s that? I already linked to it? Too bad, here it is AGAIN. And once more, just to be safe.

And to Eric - hello you c: 

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    How nice is this girl? Her name is Melissa and she has a wonderful letter-writing project that many of you may have seen...
  2. ericboydblog said: Your letter writing project interested me. I’d love to do one. I probably will soon.
  3. luthienloveg00d said: oh my goodness thank you for this rec wow
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